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James Moorhouse - Software Engineer, London

Software Engineer, London

An experienced full stack developer with both team and project leadership experience. My recent work has been focused on the frontend, using React, although I’m currently looking to return to a full stack role. I have a strong background across the stack including knowledge of devops tools such as AWS and chef. As a developer I take pride in delivering well tested, performant code which is easy to read and maintain.

A bit more about myself

Tech Stack

JavaScript, NodeJS, TypeScript, React (Isomorphic - with Next.js), Redux, GraphQL, Apollo, Flux, Jest, Mocha, Enzyme, webpack, PHP, PHPUnit RequireJs, ZF2, Slim, REST, microservices, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, Chef, Vagrant, VirtualBox, git, Bitbucket, Github, OSX, Linux, Rollbar, Sentry, New Relic

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